Short Guide to Permissions

Do you already know the different Roles in Factorial: What kind of users exist in Factorial?

The administrators are the ones who can establish the scope of visibility that our workers have within the platform.

As simple as creating a group, adding certain users, and activating permissions ✅

🤓 Let's review in this short guide: what are these permissions, and how can we apply them?

Where do I find Permissions?



What permissions can I grant✅❌?

Time Tracking 
Review and approve time tracking information
Edit clock-in / clock-out data (This is the only option that we cannot edit in Permissions, since it is only the employee who can edit their own Clock-in/out)


See contracts
✅ Edit contracts
✅ Edit gross salary

Dashboard Events 
Share birthday

Personal Documents
See documents
Edit documents
See personal info

❌Share email
❌ Terminate Employees

Shift Managment 
See published shifts
Edit and publish shifts

Time Off
See leave details
Edit leaves
✅ Delete leaves
✅ Manage leave documents
✅ Approve and reject leaves
✅ Download leaves

How can I create a custom group of Permissions?

 Once inside Permissions, click on the sign (+) - Enter the name of your group - and vualá

How can I select group employees?


 What else can I learn about Permissions🤔?

💡 You can restrict the visibility of the Dashboard (to perform this action, you must contact Support)
💡 Did you know that there is an External Administrator with special permissions? Learn more by reading: Can I create another administrator for our company account in Factorial?

💡 Permissions groups samples that you can create👨🏻‍🏫


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