Automatic Breaks - Q&A

In this article we will be introducing you to some common questions about the feature and provide some answers.

  • Will clocking out for a break with face recognition affect my hours? If an employee clocks out using FR during an automatic break, the break is stopped and an incidence is generated.

  • Could we set 0 hours in the automatic breaks? No, a break needs to happen after the employee has clocked in, there’s always a minimum worked time before the break. The time tracking ranges and tolerance may solve other related needs. 

  • Management of Shifts and Breaks - Example: One of our employees has to work 4 hours and has a break by law of 30 minutes (unpaid) and I assign a shift from 0:00 to 04:00. The employee decides to use the rest of 02:00 to 02:30. If you have to work all 4 hours of the shift, you will leave at 04:30 so the template is not correct.

  • Breaks and night shifts → Will there be issues if a shift (break) is at night? There may be complications given that there is no focus yet on night shifts.  

  • Weekdays → Is there a difference between automated breaks from Monday to Friday and others to Saturday and Sunday? Yes, but for future iterations.

  • Timezones → How this is working for different timezones? you can change it for the user as well? Automatic breaks are based on the hours worked by the employee so the timezone doesn’t affect them for now.

  • Manually edition of timesheets → If you edit manually the clock-in time you're indirectly editing the break time right? It depends:

    • If the automatic break has not yet occurred, it will appear in the timesheet at the correct time (but maybe not in real time).
    • If the automatic break was already recorded in the timesheet, the employee will have to manually set the break time.
  • Hours with decimalsequivalence in minutes

    • 0,25h = 15 minutes
    • 0,5h = 30 minutes
    • 1,5h = 1h 30m