Automatic Breaks

Discover and understand the feature of 'break' in the Clock In section. You can now pause your working hours for lunch, restroom and more. This tool will help you to keep track of your daily breaks at work and manage your time more efficiently.

How can I access the Breaks feature?

🙌🏼Factorial provides the opportunity of using manual breaks or automatic breaks

  1. Head to the Apps section 
  2. Scroll down until you find Time Tracking 
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Click on the Default Time Tracking policy or one of your previously created time tracking policies 
  5. Select the Breaks section
  6. Click on Enable breaks

💡 Factorial breaks by default will be manual breaks

How to set up Automatic Breaks

📑In order to set up automatic breaks, the feature will have to be activated for your account. You man then enable Automatic Breaks by using the toggle in the Breaks section inside the Time tracking app.

  • Click on the toggle for Automatic breaks 
  • Set up Break times & Duration rules

🚨 Automatic breaks are triggered from the moment the employee clocks in. You can set up to three breaks for this policy.

  • 1st break after N hours → Break duration N minutes
  • 2nd break after N hours → Break duration N minutes
  • 3rd breaks after N hours → Break duration N minutes

👉🏽The time format for the worked hours is with decimals, that is 0.25h = 15 min or 0.5h = 30 min.

Use Case - Automatic Breaks 

⚠️Automatic breaks are triggered from the moment the employee clocks in so they only appear on days where the employee has worked. If the employee does not record working hours, is on vacation or if there is a bank holiday, no.

👉🏽No automatic deduction, but creating a break shift with predefined duration after a predefined amount of worked time has passed according to the rules.

An employee named Linda has decided to clock in and clock out during a work day.  The breaks she has taken appear in her timesheet as defined in the settings by the administrator. 

  • 9:13 AM - Linda clocks in 
  • 15:13 PM - Linda pauses her clock in (automatic)
    • 6 hours after her clock-in (after 6h of work)
  • 15:13 PM - Break starts 
    • Her 'Go back to work' button is enabled but triggers an alert if clicked.
  • 15:43 PM - Break ends 
    • 30 min after the start of the break (=30 min duration of break)
  • 15:43 PM - Resume clock in (automatic)
  • 18:56 PM - Linda clocks out (⇒ 3h 13m)

🔔Linda has worked a total of 9h13 of worked time  and has taken a total of 30 minutes breaks.

Automatic Break through Dashboard & Clock In section 

🧑🏽‍💼Employees assigned to an automatic breaks policy will not have the break button enabled.

  • The On a break status in the dashboard and the clock in section should appear at the exact time the break is happening.
  • When the employee clicks on Go back to work during an automatic break, we show an alert.

🥐Breaks should appear in the timesheet at the exact time they should be happening.

How to Manually Edit Timesheets with Automatic Breaks

  • When an employee tries to manually edit the breaks in the timesheet and doesn’t follow the automatic breaks rules, he will receive a notification.
  • If an automatic break has been manually edited, it will be displayed in a tooltip in the timesheet.

  • When an employee assigned to an automatic breaks policy manually modifies shifts (by bringing the start time forward, for example):
    • If the automatic break has not yet occurred, it will appear in the timesheet at the correct time.
    • If the automatic break was already recorded in the timesheet, the employee will have to manually set the break time.

📳 The Clock In is also available in Factorial's App, both for iPhone and Android 

👉🏽The behaviour should be consistent with the dashboard and timesheets.

  1. Head to the Factorial app on your phone
  2. Head to the 🏠
  3. Click on the Break option
  4. Once you have completed your break slide to go back to work

Capture d’écran 2022-02-28 à 11.26.58

Employees need to refresh the browser and to reopen the mobile app in order to have the new Break button installed.

By clicking on the side arrow 🔼you will have a general overview of your break times during your working hours. 

Email Notifications

  • In the automatic breaks rules configuration, add a checkbox.
If he box is checked, the employee will be notified when… 

  1. Automatic breaks rules are set in their assigned time tracking policy.

  2. Automatic breaks rules in their assigned time tracking policy are modified.

Permissions - Attendance 

👉🏽Employees with permissions to edit their timesheets, should also be able to edit their automatic breaks.