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Automated Offer Letter

Automated Offer Letter provides to complete the employee hiring process within Factorial, without having to leave the platform for the final step of sending and signing the offer letter.

How can I use Automated offer letter? 

💌  Through this feature the hiring manager will have the possibility to automatically send the offer letter to the candidate that passed the selection process, and even more...👇

At the end of the hiring process, as hiring manager, you will decide which candidate suits better to the company.

Once decided go to:

  • Recruitment App 
  • Select the job offer you need
  • Click on the candidate you choose
  • Click on send offer letter 

send offer letter

  • Drag the pdf and upload the offer letter 

sample offer letter

⚠️ It is mandatory to write the custom message to the candidate once the offer letter has been uploaded. 

The Offer letter email:

✍️ Once the offer letter has been sent, an email will be generated and sent to the corresponding candidate. The email will include a button with the link to e-sign the document

Schermata 2022-09-14 alle 11.41.24

🔴 The offer letter message will appear as a message sent by the HR Manager on the Message Board.

Schermata 2022-09-14 alle 11.43.12

The offer letter will be available in the File section: 

-Go to “Files” in the recruitment App. In this section you will find the offer letter and you will be able to perform these actions 👇

  • View the offer letter
  • Delete the e-signature request and delete the document from Files.
  • Cancel e-signature request but the document will remain visible.
  • Download the document

file offer letter

🔴 From the actions performed it is possible to see the status of the offer letter 

Schermata 2022-09-12 alle 09.47.46

Candidate signs the offer letter:

In this case the candidate accept the offer letter and complete the signing process through e-signature ✍️

  • The candidate has to open the email with the offer letter and the link with which to sign

sign document

🌟 When the candidate sign the offer letter the HR Manager will get a notification of a pending task in the dashboard and an email linking to the Candidate’s profile. When clicked, the pending task no longer appears in the dashboard.


HM - Registered employees invited to another company

Declined offer letter: 

How to decline an offer letter? 

  • Go to the email and open the link through Signaturit 

🔴 In Signaturit, the Candidate must provide a declination reason through a text field. This text field contains a maximum of 250 characters.


  • Click on confirm -> in this way the offer letter will be declined 

The HR Manager will receive a notification of a pending task in the dashboard linking to the Candidate’s profile with the declination of the offer letter 👇

pending declined


🔴 When an offer letter is declined, it gets “inactive” and Hr Manager can send a new offer letter.

The HR Manager cancel the offer letter: 

👀 The HM can decide to cancel an offer letter after it has been sent and before the Candidate has signed it (”Pending” status), for example, due to an identified error in the document or an open negotiation.

  • Go to “Files” section in the recruitment App.
  • Click on Cancel e-signature request

Schermata 2022-09-14 alle 12.08.38

The HR Manager can decide to delete an offer letter after it has been sent or signed, what happens in these cases? 

  • Go to “Files” section in the recruitment App.
  • Click on Delete document 

delete document

How to send a new offer letter? 

The HR Manager wants to send a new offer letter, what happens in this case? 🤔


🔴 Take in mind that this action will be performed when an offer letter has already been sent, it will show the pending status in the file section. 

  • Go to Recruitment App 
  • Select the candidate
  • Click on send offer letter 
new offer letter

🚨 When the new offer letter will be sent, the old one will be deleted together with the e-signature request. 


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