Audit Logs

Track all the actions and usage of your employee records in the platform and gain greater visibility as an administrator.

What is an Audit Log?

➡️ An audit log is a document that records all the events and changes in information technology in a company. 

How can I view the Audit Log?

  1. Head to Company
  2. Select More
  3. Scroll till you find Audit Log

What do the Columns represent?

  • Author : The user who performed the action
  • Event Name : The name of the event performed
  • Target : The target is the user over the author who performed the action
  • Date : The date when the action was performed with day, month, year and hour and minutes
  • Toggle Button: Button will indicate the status expanded/collapsed
    • Collapsed state:  The collapsed block shows the first block of information
    • Expanded state : The expanded state shows the second block of information 

Audit Log Permissions

💡Only Administrators have access to the audit log section, other users such as employees will not have access to this feature.