Approve your Employees Time Sheets

Article aimed at administrators and managers who wish to learn how to approve or reject the timesheets of their employees.

Account Administrators and Managers (if they have permission)- have a section called Time Tracking  from which they can manage the Clock In-Out of their dependents.

When the month ends, once reviewed, we can select one, several or all pending employees and click on the Approve employees time sheet button. 

Approve Timesheets ✅

  1. Head to Time Tracking 
  2. Select all employees or certain
  3. Press in Approve employees timesheet 

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📩 Employees will receive a notification via email that their hours have been approved. Once approved, clock-in´s can no longer be modified by employees.

Unapprove Timesheets❌

 Repeat the same process as above ☝,  but select the employees who have already been previously approved.

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