Install & Set Up the Recruiting Functionality

Find everything that the Recruitment functionality encompasses. Learn how to use it and get the most out of it.

Install Recruiting

  • Head to Apps 
  • Select Recruiting 
  • Install App 

Install Rec


  • How Can I Create a New Job Offer? 

➡ Click on +New Job Offer - 📍Located in the upper right corner 

⚪  Job Details 

  • Basic Information
  • Job Location
  • Job Details
  • Job Description

⚪ Application Form 

  • Personal information
  • Custom application questions 👇


⚪ Hiring Process 

  • Add Hiring Process Phase 👇

Hiring process phase

  • Add Hiring Managers 👇

Add hiring managers

To remove a Question, Phase, or Manager simply click on the (...) 


  • How Can I Archive a Published Job Offer? 

🔺 If you archive the job offer, you won't see it on your company's career page or receive new candidates.

  1. Select the Published Job 
  2. In Job Details, press the button Archive Job Offer - 📍 Located in the upper right corner 



💡 You will be able to visualize all the phases and states in which your candidates are. 

  • How can I Add a Candidate? 

➡ Click on +Add Candidate - 📍Located in the upper right corner
➡ Once created, you can: 

  1.  Add her/him to the talent pool
  2. Disqualify her/him
  3. Move to phase

Add a candidate

Talent Pool 

💡 Save interesting candidates for the future 

  • How can I Add a Candidate to the Talent Pool? 

    • Head to the Candidate Section View
    • Select the Candidate in question 
    • Click on the (...) 
    Add to the talent poll

To remove the Candidate from the Talent Pool, follow the same steps mentioned previously ☝

What actions can Hiring Managers perform in the offers they are part of?

Hiring managers will be able to perform all actions within their job offers.
Except for:
→ Create new offers or display offers that they are not part of as hiring managers.
→ Create customized questions. 

ATS email automations

➡ If you have an Enterprise plan, you will be able to modify the content of these emails from Workflows. 

  • The candidate can receive a "thank you" email when they apply to a job posting.
  • The candidate can receive another email when they are disqualified.