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Adding Payroll Supplements

From Supplements to Observations ->Everything you can find within the Payroll Management functionality.

💡 Factorial allows to choose currency per legal entity. Within Factorial, in the sections related to supplements and salary, you will see the currency symbol pertaining to each user. The currency of an employee will be the currency of her/his legal entity. 

1. Where can I find Payroll Supplements? 

  • Head to Payroll 
  • Find Supplements in the main page

2. Add the Payment Frequency & Start Date Period

    First steps on PM

    3. Add Payroll Supplements

    • Click on (+) - 📍 Located in the right corner 
    • Introduce: Quantity, € or units and select the type of supplement 
    • Press enter

    Add payroll supplement

    4.  Delete Payroll Supplements

    • Place the mouse on the supplement that you recently added 
    • A trash symbol will appear, click on it 

    Delete payroll supplement

    5.  Add an Observation 

    • Head to Observations 
    • Introduce an observation 
    • Click enter 

    Enter an observation

    6. Send the Supplements & Observations of the current period to your Bookkeeper

    🔺 Once the validation has been done, your Bookkeeper will be notified via email so that he/she can start processing the period´s payroll. 

    • Click on the  check-png Validate Supplements Button - 📍 Located in the right corner