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Adding Payroll Supplements

From Supplements to Observations ->Everything you can find within the Payroll Management functionality.

1. Where can I find Payroll Supplements? 

  • Head to Payroll 
  • Find Supplements in the main page

2. Add the Payment Frequency & Start Date Period

    First steps on PM

    3. Add Payroll Supplements

    • Click on (+) - 📍 Located in the right corner 
    • Introduce: Quantity, € or units and select the type of supplement 
    • Press enter

    Add payroll supplement

    4.  Delete Payroll Supplements

    • Place the mouse on the supplement that you recently added 
    • A trash symbol will appear, click on it 

    Delete payroll supplement

    5.  Add an Observation 

    • Head to Observations 
    • Introduce an observation 
    • Click enter 

    Enter an observation

    6. Send the Supplements & Observations of the current period to your Bookkeeper

    🔺 Once the validation has been done, your Bookkeeper will be notified via email so that he/she can start processing the period´s payroll. 

    • Click on the  check-png Validate Supplements Button - 📍 Located in the right corner