All About the Shift Management Tool

Assigning and managing shifts for your staff is challenging. Factorial makes it easy for you to distribute shifts using the Shift Management feature.

📢 If you have coworkers in different time zones, be sure to enable this option in the offices. You will need to do this so that when you assign shifts, your employees can see them in their time zone.

Steps to Install Shift Management

  1. Go to the Applications section
  2. Select Shift Management
  3. Click on Install

How to Add your employees to the Shift Management Tool? 

🚩 When you first install Shift Management, there will not be employees assigned to this tool. In the following steps we show you how to add them so that you can start planning your employees shifts. 

  • Head to the Shift Management Feature (that will appear once you have installed)
  • Go to the configuration tool - 📍Located in the upper right corner 
  • Press in Add employees

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How can I change or remove an employee from the Shift Management tool?

In order to assign an employee to a different time planning tools or to remove them from their existing planning tool we can do it simply by heading to the Time Planning Feature.  

Find the different ways to add shifts:

  • For a specific employee on a specific day

  • For all employees on a specific day
  • For a specific employee all week

  • For all employees a specific week

Learn how to Add Shifts

🔺 Adding Schedules is not the same as Publishing Schedules. Be sure to click Publish Weekly Schedule -📍 Located in the upper right hand corner - to effectively publish these assigned work schedules.

  • Once you have selected the employees, the +Add Shift button will be enabled
  • Click +Add Shift 📍 Located in the upper right
  • Select a workstation by Default or Custom
  • Finally, click on Assign Shift

How do I edit shift?

👀 It is possible to edit a shift whenever it is required or needed 

  • Select the shift you want to edit
  • Click on Edit shifts 
  • Complete the changes 


How to create Default Shifts?

  • Go to + Add Shifts
  • Select the Default Shift
  • Click on + Add a new default shift
  • Finally, click on Create and Assign

How do I delete shifts?

  • Select one or more work schedules and access the Delete Shifts button

How can I copy the shifts from previous weeks?

💡 In case of errors in the shifts, we will inform you with a red notice.

  • Click on Copy Previous Week - 📍 Located in the upper right corner

How can I manage overnight shifts?

  • Go to + Add Shifts
  • Select the Custom Shift
  • Click on + Add a new custom shift

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