All about the Shift Management Tool

Assigning and managing shifts for your staff is challenging. Factorial makes it easy for you to distribute shifts using the Shift Management feature.

📢 If you have coworkers in different time zones, be sure to enable this option in the offices. You will need to do this so that when you assign shifts, your employees can see them in their time zone.

Steps to Install Shift Management

  1. Go to the Applications section
  2. Select Shift Management
  3. Click on Install

How to Add your employees to the Shift Management Tool? 

🚩 When you first install Shift Management, there will not be employees assigned to this tool. In the following steps we show you how to add them so that you can start planning your employees shifts. 

  • Head to the Shift Management Feature (that will appear once you have installed)
  • Go to the three dots tool - 📍Located in the upper right corner 
  • Press in Add employees (17)-Nov-18-2022-10-52-51-9795-AM

How can I change or remove an employee from the Shift Management tool?

In order to assign an employee to a different time planning tools or to remove them from their existing planning tool we can do it simply by heading to the Time Planning Feature.  

Find the different ways to add shifts:

  • For a specific employee on a specific day

  • For all employees on a specific day
  • For a specific employee all week

  • For all employees a specific week (18)-Nov-18-2022-10-56-39-2907-AM

Learn how to Assign Shifts

🔺 Adding Schedules is not the same as Publishing Schedules. Be sure to click Publish Weekly Schedule -📍 Located in the upper right hand corner - to effectively publish these assigned work schedules.

  • Click on the Assign shift split button  📍 Located in the upper right corner
  • All the different options to create shifts are shown

    Captura de Pantalla 2022-11-18 a las 11.57.38
  • Select a workstation by Default, Custom or Shift templates
  • And assign the shift to the employees you want

How do I edit shift?

👀 It is possible to edit a shift whenever it is required or needed 

  • Select the shift you want to edit
  • Click on Edit shifts 
  • Complete the changes 
  • Apply (19)-Nov-18-2022-11-01-25-5656-AM

There is an other way to edit and your Shifts

  • Go to the shift you want to edit (20)-Nov-18-2022-11-06-24-7348-AM
  • Scroll the selector through the right of the shift and two new icons will appear:
    • A pencil: to edit your shift
    • A trash can: to delete your shift
  • Click on the pencil icon and the tab to edit your shift will appear
  • Make the changes
  • Apply

How to create Default Shifts?

  • Go to Add shifts
  • Select the Default Shift option located on the split button
  • Fill in the information requested
  • and Assign (21)-Nov-18-2022-11-13-45-4280-AM

Keep in mind that you can also assign Shifts to specific employees just by clicking on them‼️

Can I export/download the shifts?

🎉Yes, you can do it! Now you will be able to export and print  shift management in a horizontally-formatted file with a visually appealing layout.

Having the possibility to download your planned shifts, will help you with:

  • Your staff plannification. 
  • Give more visibility to your employees, you can hand the shifts directly to them! 😀
  • Head to the Shifts management app
  • Select the view you need to export. Remember that you can choose between weekly, monthly and 4-weeks.
  • Click on the (...) button-📍Located in the right corner of the screen
  • Select Export Schedule

    Untitled (3)-Jan-31-2023-06-11-04-6526-AM
  • A pop up tab will appear and you will be able to choose if you want to include shifts drafts or not and also if you want to export the shifts using some criteria, for example, teams.


  • You will receive an email with the file and, once it is generated, you can check the file in your Files section.

Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 15.41 1


How do I delete shifts?

  • Select one or more work schedules and access the Delete Shifts button

Delete Shifts-1

There is an other way to edit and your Shifts

  • (24)-Nov-18-2022-11-23-59-0349-AMGo to the shift you want to edit
  • Scroll the selector through the right of the shift and two new icons will appear:
    • A pencil: to edit your shift
    • A trash can: to delete your shift
  • Click on the trash can
  • Delete your shift


How can I copy the shifts from previous weeks?

💡 In case of errors in the shifts, we will inform you with a red notice.

  • Click on Copy Previous Week - 📍 Located in the upper right corner (26)-Nov-18-2022-11-57-43-4396-AM

How can I manage overnight shifts?

  • Go to Add shifts
  • Select Custom shifts
  • Set the hours
  • And Assign (27)-Nov-18-2022-01-19-58-2627-PM

👀 Now you can set how to log the hours of your overnight shifts:

  • Hours belong to the day the shift started: all hours will be recorded on the same day.
  • or To their calendar day: the hours will appear in the days to which they belong respectively. 

‼️ Learn more about how to manage overnight shifts

Define your Shift Management view

Now you are able to choose your Shift Management view

  • Click in the split button located on the left, just above the employees, that by default will appear as Weekly view
  • Choose between the three possible views:
    • Weekly
    • 4 weeks view
    • Monthly view (28)-Nov-18-2022-02-07-07-4813-PM

‼️ The 4 weeks view and the Monthly view will only be available for new plans.

4 weeks view & Monthly view

  • You will see a more collapsed view of the shifts
  • You won't be able to see the details, such as Workplace or Work area

How to see details or edit the shift in the 4 weeks view?

👀 If your shift have details, an orange dot will appear

  • Go to the shift you want to see the details or edit 
  • Click in the pencil icon
  • A new tab will appear with all the information and the possibility to edit it (30)-Nov-18-2022-02-17-22-6554-PM

👀 You will not see the check boxes in this view, but you can simply click on the space and Add shifts, following the same steps as above.