Administrators with Factorial

Discover the role and purpose of an administrator with Factorial.


What is an Administrator?

💡 An Administrator is an employee within the platform who has complete authority and can perform any action. They have full visibility about any processes, decisions and actions taken within the company. Administrators can access all the data of employees and enable the permissions for employees. 

How Do I Add an Administrator? 

  1. Log in to your Administrator Account
  2. Head to Company 
  3. Select Permissions 
  4. Click on the Administrators Group
  5. Go to Employees 
  6. Click on (+) - 📍 located in the upper right corner
  7. Choose Assign an employee
  8. Select the user you want for Admin 
  9. Press in Save 

Where can I Find all my Company Administrators? 

  • Head to Company 
  • Select Permissions 
  • Click in the Administrators groups (in here you find all the admins of your company account).

How Can I Delete an Administrator?

⚠️ You can't delete an administrator but you can move the administrator to another group. 

🔺 You will be only able to Delete an Administrator if: