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Activate Coffre-Fort Numérique

Activate Factorial's coffre-fort numérique integration and automatically save all your payslips in your company's and your employees' coffres with eDocGroup - DeskRH.

Coffre-fort Numérique? A French law that requires that some documents, depending on their nature, be kept in a certified digital safe for periods up to 50 years.

What is eDocGroup? A French company specialized in coffre-fort numérique solutions, and its integration with other services like Factorial. They offer a French Legal Certified Digital Safe called DeskRH  to store documents.

  • Activate coffre-fort numérique

Install Payroll Management

Once the Payroll Management application is installed, a Coffre-fort numérique option will be displayed within the application's Settings


Activate Coffre-fort numérique

  • Coffre Creation 

To be able to save payslips, DeskRH needs to know where to save them. Just after the activation and every morning, Factorial will check the French Legal Entities of your Company and Employees to find updates.

The Coffres are Created Automatically in DeskHR Based in:

° Legal Entity SIRET number
° Employees personal email

⇒ You and your employees will receive an email from DeskRH once the coffres are created to set up your credentials and be able to access your payslips from your coffre.

🔺 If a SIRET or personal email was used before in DeskRH, DeskRH will send an email to the coffre owner to grant write access to Factorial so that Factorial can be allowed to send these payslips. 

• Uploading Payslips

 How to send Payslips in Bulk

Every morning Factorial will look for new documents in the Payslips folder of all your employees attached to French Legal Entities with a valid SIRET number and send them to DeskRH.

⇒ If there are any errors, Factorial will automatically send again an email the next day.

• Update Notifications

After installation and every morning, if there was an update during the previous 24 hours, Factorial will send an email to all company administrators to notify them of the status.


🔺 If you remove any of your French Legal Entities or the SIRET is changed, the coffre will be detached from Factorial and, if a new one is set up, a new coffre will be created with the updated information. 


 • Coffre Deactivation

⇒ The deactivation of the coffre-fort numérique feature needs to be done manually by our Customer Support Team.

Note that as it is required, you and your employees will be able to access the payslips from DeskRH even after the deactivation or when leaving Factorial HR.

If you want to keep syncing your documents to the coffre-fort solution by DeskRH without Factorial HR, you would need to contact eDoc Group. 

 • FAQ

  1. Desk HR Help?
    eDoc Group 
  2. How much does it cost to activate coffre-fort numérique in Factorial?
    Our coffre-fort numérique solution is free for all Factorial customers and it's included in your current pricing.
  3. Which documents can I save in the coffre?
    Only payslips (or corrections) in PDF format.