Access Groups in Permissions

Go more in depth with the permission section by learning all about the option to edit access groups.

What is an Access Group?

Access groups is a tool within Factorial that allows you to specify which users, teams or offices the users of a permission group can access. 

Where can I find an Access Group?

  1. Head to the permission group of your choosing 
  2.  On the group, press on the (...) in the far right

⚠️You may only find the option of access groups in the Permissions section. 

You may not edit access groups for the Administrators group given full access and power to the company and visualise all information from the company account. 

How do I use an Access Group?

Any employee or member that is added to an access group will gain visibility about the permissions policy. You may select between the whole company, a dynamic group or a manual selection.

  • Click on Edit Access Groups
  • Select group members (e.g. Dynamic group can be filtered by Team or Workplace) that will have full visibility on the permissions policy 
  • Filter and select through the relevant Permissions section for this group

  • Head to the Employees tab within the group
  • Click on '+' to assign an employee 

→ If you wish to have a professional for the access group, click on External Users. 

  • Click on '+' to assign or create an external user.

How do I Configure my Groups to Limit Access and Viewing to Certain Teams or Individuals?

  • Head to the External Employee Permission Group 
  • Press in the  configuration tool 
  • Opt for Edit Access Group

Select between:
→ Everyone in the Company: 
It will include everyone in the company 
→ Dynamic Groups:It will include employees you have selected. The group will not be editable once created. 
→ Manual Selection: It will include the employees you have selected. You will be able to add or remove employees later.

Use Case 

A company has 4 different offices located in Madrid, two in Barcelona and one in Bilbao. A regional manager must have access to both offices based in Barcelona in order to visualise details of employees along with sensitive information such as contracts and/or salaries among other things. Claudia will first have to enable certain permissions related to contract in order to visualise the salaries and other sensitive information. 

Therefore a permission group will be created for Claudia, the regional manager so she can see the relevant information about employees.

⚠️ For Claudia to not see contracts or salaries from employees from other offices such as Madrid, an access group will be set up.

  • Barcelona employees will be selected, hence when Claudia logs into Factorial, she will have access to all the information she needs but only regarding the employees from the two Barcelona offices.


The company has two bookkeepers, one that controls the Madrid and Bilbao offices and the other bookkeepers that handles both Barcelona offices. When these bookkeepers access Factorial, through a regular access permissions group they will have full visibility of everyone. which would redundant.  

➡️ Two different permissions groups (Bookkeeper A and Bookkeeper B) will be created. Each bookkeeper will set up the access group for the employees they will handle.

🔆 Whenever Bookkeeper A logs into Factorial, the users and the information that will be displayed will only belong to Madrid and Bilbao employees. 

🔆 Whenever Bookkeeper B logs into Factorial, the access group that will be visible and be able to control will be from both Barcelona offices. 

What happens if access groups in permissions is not activated?

⛔️ In this case, Claudia would see all the information (contracts, salaries etc..) but for everyone in the company.