Absence Types FAQ's

Your most frequently asked questions about absence types.

What does it mean "Is the absence type a working day"? 

The employee may or may not be working during his or her absence. To better understand this question, let's show an example. 

Johnny will be teleworking the week of the 15th through the 20th, therefore, he will request a type of telework absence where he will reflect that during the absence, he will be working. 

What does it mean if the absence is visible or not to all employees?

We know that our employees' absences will be displayed through the Dashboard and the Calendar. The answer to this question is as simple as whether or not we want the absence to be visible to everyone in the company. Or that it is an absence that only the Administrator, Time Off Supervisor and the Employee himself can see.

If I create a travel absence and it's a workday, should it be clocked in?

If the trip is on a working day, which the employee has stated in her contract, then she should clock in because the Time Tracking will take into account that the employee is working on that day.

In the opposite case, if the employee is traveling on a Saturday, and her contract does not state that she works on Saturdays, she should not clock in, because the Time Tracking will not take these hours into account. (In this case, the administrator could then make an adjustment to compensate for these worked hours).

In short, if the employee travels on a working day, then he/she must clock in. Otherwise, if the employee travels on a non-working day, he/she should not clock in.

Why does a type of absence not appear when requesting an absence?

Short answer, because you have not added this type of absence to the counter. Remember to add absence types inside counters.

  • How Can I Add Types of Absences to the Counter? 
    → Head to the Time Off Policy 
    →  Select the Counter 
    →  Press on the and select Edit Allowance 
    →  In Absence Types, select the new absence type you will like to add 


🔺 The same Type of Absence Cannot be Assigned in Counters of the same Time Off Policy. 

We can indeed add the same type of absence in different Time Off Policies Counters. But what we cannot do, is add that same type of absence in counters of the same policy. 

Does the Absence discount time?

This is a parameter defined by you and it depends, if the assistant is absent to buy office supplies she is not at the office, yet, she is working, so it shouldn't discount time. The same happens with working from home. However, if the employee is on vacations, the absence should discount time.